TATT in Action!

Getting feedback from the people we support makes all the hard work so worthwhile. The sense of community with animal-lovers remains one of the most powerful aspects that connects us all. Ask us how you can benefit from being part of our community.

There’s nothing better than hearing it directly from those amazing people:

A massive thank you to Sally and Sue Taniguchi who turned out in torrential rain and at a minute’s notice to help me unload this massive amount of donated dog food down 8 steps and into my kitchen. I couldn’t have done it without you both.
Thank you to Sue Nuttall‘s amazing organisation for donating it. It will be on its way to feed hungry dogs in a Romanian shelter soon. In the meantime, I think I will put a throw over it and a lamp on it and call it a table🤣🤣
Jane Whittaker
January 2023

“Thank you so much to Sue Nuttall and the fabulous group Take Away The Tears for the donations received on the latest shipment. A mammoth undertaking, a 40ft container filled to bursting, full of goodies for a number of supported rescues here in Cyprus. Huge thank you to all the volunteers in the Uk and here in Cyprus for the unenviable task of loading and unloading and the time and organisation that went into making this project a huge success.

We were lucky enough to receive flea and tick treatment, treats, dog food, dog coats, beds, cat food for the pound and kennel cats from the very generous donators, this will be a huge help to Paralimni Dog Pound Rehome and Rescue as our financial resources are at a low at the moment due to the ongoing COVID situation. So on behalf of all the pound volunteers we thank TATT and all their supporters a very big thank you. X
Kareen Fryer, Friends of Paralimni Dog Pound
September 2020

Friends of Paralimni Dog Pound


“Christmas came early for the rescue dogs of Cyprus!!

The lovely Sue Nuttall @ Take away the tears organised 2 containers packed with goodies for all the local rescues/sanctuarys!!

Amazing effort thankyou so much from everybody @ RnR ❤️❤️❤️

Graham Shackleton, Rescue & Rehome Cyprus

December 2019



“I was thinking over and over again what to say to make you feel each one of you, how you made me feel every time we have a shipment from Take Away the Tears team for our 4 legged fur babies at SPDC Nicosia.

My english are not so good (as most of you know) and a thank you feels just just not enough…

Soft and dry food, toys, beddings, collars, harnesses, treats, medicines… even cable ties and trash bags… de worming pills, sudocream (very good to keep flies away from their ears and for wounds) ticks and fleas treatment the list is endless.

All these will save us a few hundreds of euro to give against our vet bills 🙂

Panacur from previous shipment is been used now for Amber’s puppies, drontal for puppies for Lupin’s babies, dermagel to the wounds of a hunting new dog we have under our care. Puppies ticks and flees treatment valuable  as ticks these year are more than ever due to a very rainy winter. Every afternoon every single dog will have some treats and we can do this because of you.

Thank you so so so much everyone again who think of us and donated, Sue Nuttal and her team for the really hard work they do every single time and I miss you already and especially Lefki 🙂 ❤

Constantina Constantinou, SPDC Saving Pound Dogs – Cyprus

June 2019



To those of you who are donating and collecting donations of MUCH needed items to send to us in the next shipment organised by Take Away The Tears and my wonderful friend Sue Nuttall!!

I can’t begin to express how much the last shipment has helped us. We are grateful for all items sent and everything has been put to good use. In particular I have been so thankful for all the food that was sent – both dog and cat food.

This has been a HUGE personal help for me as I am now feeding a colony of cats and give when needed vet care, and neuter them at personal cost. SPDC have huge vet bills and other expenses to pay for and do not need me the crazy woman to add more.

Treats for our dogs are always welcome especially pigs ears & chicken’s feet (no rawhide though because of safety). Dental products like Plaque off are great and ear drops, wormers, flea n tick treatments and antibiotic creams. Plastic beds , slow feeder bowls & large kongs all needed.

A very special thank you to Kayt Wheller and organisation Help for dogs as they sent a huge amount of vitamins powder and cat food. Thanks to you I manage to neuter 1 female cat and a kitten had his hernia operation because I did not had to buy cat food . Thank you for thinking of us and support us!

Constantina Constantinou, SPDC Saving Pound Dogs – Cyprus

August 2019