Silvi was found on the street as a stray at about 7 months old having obviously been hit by a car. She was spayed and hadn’t had pups so she was probably someone’s pet.Sylvi

We think she was either lost, or abandoned as so many are. Her injuries include:

  • a pelvis broken in two places and now misaligned at a distorted angle
  • the femur on her left side displaced and causing pain
  • a broken femur on her left side, above the knee, which has not healed correctly and is causing issues with the alignment and the movement of her left leg

Supported in kennels for the last 12 months Silvi received no treatment for her severe deformity, but at least she was safe and sound with regular food and water.

In July 2015, Silvi was adopted by Sue Nuttall and a treatment programme is currently being put in place to ensure Silvi is pain free.

She is a happy, friendly dog and smiles constantly!

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