08 Oct

Life-saving Operation for Moose

Take Away The Tears refers to the unseen tears of the dogs we aim to help, and the very real daily tears of those who spend all their time, money and emotional energy caring for the animals that have suffered such abuse.MooseMoose 2 Moose 3

Our very first donation is going to help Moose have a life-saving operation. You may have seen him already. Such a beautiful natured dog, rescued from Romania and brought over to the UK having had an operation to remove a tumour in his nose. Since then he has had to endure infection after infection and his forever mum Caroline has continued to love him and look after him, at great emotional and financial expense, with the support of his original Romania rescuer.

When you have saved an animal and love it, it is hard to see that animal PTS because money is the only obstacle to its survival. But that was the situation facing Caroline & Claudia earlier this year when it was decided that complicated surgery was required to stop the infections, at a cost of around £4000. Moose can’t be insured for his condition.

At this point Snoopy Rescue UK made the courageous decision to back Moose – courageous because raising that amount of money would help a lot of other dogs – but wouldn’t you do everything possible for your dog, like Caroline & Claudia have done for Moose to date? Moose 4

So we back Snoopy Rescue UK’s decision and we are delighted to make a sizeable contribution towards them reaching the target they needed to book the operation. This is being done at the renowned Fitzpatrick clinic on Tuesday 27th October.

You can find out more about Moose and the details of his operation on our web page very soon and the link below, and we will keep you informed of his progress as he recovers.