Maggie was found as a stray and taken to a pound where she was kept in awful conditions.

She was fortunately spotted and taken from the pound to a private kennel run by Clare Phillips of Love Cyprus Dog Rescue.

Bea Maggie and MollySeen to have an uneven gait, an x-ray showed that Maggie had a totally dislocated hip.

She was adopted by Sue Nuttall and further investigation showed up her horrific treatment; Her hip dysplasia was trauma related; given she was such a young dog and had already whelped and had marks on her neck consistent to be constantly chained, that trauma was most likely a kick.

Maggie’s dysplasia is so severe it is likely that she was unable to whelp naturally and given a ‘caesarean’. That would explain the ‘spay’ scar that wasn’t. On opening her up to investigate her condition she was found to have no womb, but two remaining ovaries, one of which was adhered to her inside. It looked like she’d been ‘butchered’ rather than operated on by a vet.

Being unable to be bred from she was ‘chucked out’ as no longer useful.

Maggie is now loved by Sue and has bonded with the rest of the family really well. She loves being out in the open countryside and climbing on for cuddles, no matter where you are sitting!

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