09 Dec

Cyprus reacts to donated pallets for rescue dogs

SPDC Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus

Christmas came early at SPDC – Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus

Sue has lots to tell you about, but firstly we are sharing a message that Constantina posted in the SPDC Facebook Group (you can join the group by clicking here).  Read the full post here.

“On Monday and Tuesday this week we took delivery of a huge amount of wonderful goodies for our dogs. Blankets, food, treats, leads, coats, carpets….. the list is endless.”

“We are enormously grateful to our adopters supporters and sponsors who donated for SPDC Nicosia dogs.”

Sue Nuttall is the person who has made this possible. Sue and her team (Sue please feel free to mention the names of your team) thank you SO SO much for organising this once again. And not only for organising it but for spending a back breaking day with Tina Shields under rain and cold wind, unpacking it and making sure that all the rescues received their donations. I know that you had already put it a huge effort in the UK packing it all up so beautifully as well.”

“I am very moved by support like this. People have put in their own time, a lot of effort and a lot of thought and organisation into making this happen. Our dogs will benefit hugely from everything that was donated.”


SPDC Saving Pound Dogs Cyprus - rescue dogs

Constantina Constantinou, “We are enormously grateful to our adopters supporters and sponsors who donated for SPDC Nicosia dogs.”

You will probably be aware that one of our co-founders, Sue, has just spent 3 days in Cyprus helping unpack and deliver the seven pallets worth of donations that were shipped at the end of October for the benefit of rescue dogs.

On behalf of those who rescue dogs – thank you!

We would like to thank every one of you who donated goods or money that made this shipment possible.

Take Away The Tears and our supporters really do make a difference to rescue dogs and we will be sharing the thanks with you over the next few days. We’ll also profile some of those we have helped this time.  A very special thanks goes to:

  • to Marina Nicolaou Toumba for her invaluable advice and her support of TATT;
  • to Constantina Constantinou who so kindly allowed us to have the pallets delivered to her sanctuary.  We’re so thankful that she had big banners that could be used to protect the pallets from the storms the island has been battered with;
  • and to Tina Shields, who so kindly picked up Sue and took her to Constantina’s and spent all day at the sanctuary, unpacking the pallets and helping load the donations into the various vehicles that came to collect them.

Want to get involved in the next shipment?

You can be part of the team responsible for more pallets to help rescue dogs in Cyprus by supporting one of our fundraising campaigns:

Donate your Christmas card spend

Make a donation to support the rescue dogs

24 Oct

7 Pallets to Cyprus!

We can’t quite believe it – but we’ve DONE IT 😁😁😁😁. 7, yes 7 pallets packed and wrapped ready to begin their journey to Cyprus tomorrow.

There’s been a few sleepless nights wondering how on earth we’d pull this off but the Newcastle depot of Doree-Bonner International came to our rescue, offering the space we needed to sort out donations and pack the pallets. We literally couldn’t have done it without them. Or you 😘.

Thank you to each and every one of you who over the last 6 months have donated to TATT for us to distribute to those we support, and to those who donated for a specific pound or shelter.

This shipment will cost nearly £1500, more than we budgeted for but we had so much we wanted as much as possible to go across as we know there is a great need. Although it’s a lot of money, with over £2000 worth of food alone, plus at least another £1800 worth of items it is worth every penny.

There’s a description below each picture so you can see how much we’re sending to those we support.

Together we make a difference ❤️

28 Mar

Supervet Intervention, Vaccinations and Neutering Programmes

Here’s a round up of how you’ve helped us to make a positive difference to dog welfare already, including:

  • Supporting the treatment of Moose who was referred to TV’s Supervet, Noel Fitzpatrick when he arrived from Romania with a potentially terminal condition
  • Regular small payments for feed and vaccinations to carefully selected ‘hands-on’ dog rescuers in Cyprus and Romania, who have dedicated their lives to caring for street dogs which are likely to never be homed
  • Supporting the insulin treatment of an older rescue dog to give precious extra time for a forever home to be found
  • Working with WeCare Worldwide to sponsor ongoing neutering and rabies vaccination programmes, saving thousands of dogs from being born and hundreds more from future misery

Team in Cyprus

A Fund Raising Pack has just been launched which is a super way to incorporate Team Building into your Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. The pack gives ideas for fun ways for teams to raise funds together with everything you’ll need to organise a fun activity. Get in touch for more information.

07 May

Maggie’s Story

Maggie was found as a stray and taken to a pound where she was kept in awful conditions.

She was fortunately spotted and taken from the pound to a private kennel run by Clare Phillips of Love Cyprus Dog Rescue.

Seen to have an uneven gait, an x-ray showed that Maggie had a totally dislocated hip.

She was adopted by Sue Nuttall and further investigation showed up her horrific treatment; Her hip dysplasia was trauma related; given she was such a young dog and had already whelped and had marks on her neck consistent to be constantly chained, that trauma was most likely a kick.

Maggie’s dysplasia is so severe it is likely that she was unable to whelp naturally and given a ‘caesarean’. That would explain the ‘spay’ scar that wasn’t. On opening her up to investigate her condition she was found to have no womb, but two remaining ovaries, one of which was adhered to her inside. It looked like she’d been ‘butchered’ rather than operated on by a vet.

Being unable to be bred from she was ‘chucked out’ as no longer useful.

Maggie is now loved by Sue and has bonded with the rest of the family really well. She loves being out in the open countryside and climbing on for cuddles, no matter where you are sitting! Read More