13 Oct

Charity Status announcement

We are delighted to announce that with effect from October 2021, after 8.5 months and hours of report writing, Take Away The Tears is officially a Registered Charity, No 1196042.
Unfortunately, this charitable status has done nothing to help us get food across to Cyprus and we are now resigned to the fact that this area of our support will no longer be feasible, unless the export rules are changed. Thank you to those that wrote to support us. Regrettably, despite this, no media outlet picked up the story and those couple of UK MP’s that responded to us have had a negative response from their enquiries. We heard nothing at all from any Cypriot official.
As food was received by us for distribution to specific recipients, the donation was recorded. We therefore know how much food was due to be shipped and we will be making a cash donation for each bag. You will be contacted directly if this affects you.
We have also resigned ourselves to not being able to send a container of non-food items over. However, all is not lost on this front. We are able to send pallets of the non-food stuffs, based on your wish list. This will be hugely complicated for us, and we will need your support.
We will be contacting all beneficiaries with a list of all the other beneficiaries. We need you to band together for items to be sent to you. We suggest by location or by existing co-operations etc. We will not be able to send a pallet dedicated to each organisation, we simply could not afford the cost. We need to pack the pallets as fully as we possibly can, by packing for more than one organisation on each one. Each item will be very clearly marked, and we repeat there will be no food or treats.
They will be unloaded in Paphos. We expect the pallets to be shipped a few at a time to get them through customs. You will be contacted when your pallet has arrived and asked to collect your donations. You will be expected to breakdown your own pallet, which will be easy to do.
The food and treats we have will be distributed within the UK. We are liaising with various bodies who have contacts with small, independent animal rescues throughout England, Scotland & Wales. We also welcome direct contact from any such organisation that needs our support.
We have a lot of work in front of us to get the non-food donations to Cyprus. Once complete we will update you all on the future plans for Take Away The Tears, and how we propose to continue to support our friends in Cyprus and in Romania.
We would be pleased to provide an answer to any questions that are raised by this announcement. You can contact us via Messenger or via info@takeawaythetears.co.uk.
Thank you
The Trustees of Take Away The Tears
Sue Nuttall (Chair)
Janice Ross MBE
Wendy Bruty
26 Jul

Facebook Page Launch attracts almost 150 in first week

Within three weeks of adopting Silvi, Take Away The Tears was launched as a Facebook page.

With almost 150 likes in the first week we have been inundated with people pledging their support.

The Team is still working on all the ways you can help, with most activity being put into the Fun Dog Show which takes place on 20th September.

Watch out for more details coming soon and thanks so much for your interest already.