04 Dec

2017 Fun Dog Show Date Announced

Keep Sunday 24th September 2017 free and prepare yourselves for another super fun day with your furry friends! Click here to find out more.
Celebrity Judge Trai Anfield 2016

Celebrity Judge Trai Anfield – 2016

Our third annual Fun Dog Show will be held in the same venue as last year, there’ll be a good selection of stalls, competitions and demonstrations, as well as catering vans, free parking and onsite toilets.

In 2016 you helped raise over £1,000 to help dogs get a second chance in life.

Take Away The Tears provides support, wherever in the world it’s needed, to help relieve the mental and physical torture that so many dogs endure every day of their lives.

Check out the photos from Take Away The Tears Fun Dog Show 2016.


03 Dec

Used Stamps Appeal

Would you donate your used stamps (and unwanted stamp collections) to help Take Away The Tears causes around the world?  USED STAMPS APPEAL

We’ve teamed up with a firm that takes them and all monies received from them will go straight to help our causes.

If you have just a few you can send them to us and we’ll forward them on.  If you have a lot of used stamps or a collection, you can send them direct using a free post address. You MUST address it to Take Away The Tears if it’s going directly to the company.  Details coming soon.

08 Aug


Those that came to the dog show last year know that we had a collection of goods that we sent to Romania to help the strays and those dogs in pounds, survive the devastating winter cold. Dogs do literally freeze to death both on the street and in the municipal pounds.

We are doing the same this year and we are therefore looking for donations of the following:

Old quilts and pillows
Warm sheeting
Warm towels
Warm throws etc.
Dog coats and jumpers
Dog beds – soft or hard
Dry or wet dog food & treats

We will also happily accept anything else that makes the life of the dogs easier, such as old but undamaged toys, collars, leads, feed bowls etc.

These can be dropped off at the Fun Dog Show on the 4th September or can be dropped off beforehand at one of the following locations;

North Shields – Jacana Limited, 75-79 Howard Street, NE30 1AF
Wideopen – Elite Garden Centre & Pet Supplies, NE13 6LW
Morpeth – Four paws hydrotherapy, Unit 9, Whitehouse Farm Centre NE61 6AW

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we’d be grateful if you could share.

30 Sep

Fun Dog Show – Fun Facts

We’ve finally had time to analyse the data from the show and we thought you might be interested in the following fun facts:

  1. We had 142 entrants on the day, of those, 40 dogs were under 1
    Dog The Judge Would most Like To Take Home Finalists

    Dog The Judge Would most Like To Take Home Finalists

    year old and 25 were over 7 years old

  2. The oldest dog was Millie, a 15 year old Jack Russell
  3. The youngest dogs were all 13 weeks old and were Ada and Willow, both beautiful Border Collie pups, and Tito, the absolutey gorgeous Great Dane pup
  4. The most unusual breed entered was Kage, a very handsome 2 year old Presa Canario
  5. The most common entered breed was a joint win with 10 entrants, by the Border Collie and the Dachund (taking all the Dachunds as one) and finally,
  6. The most common name was also a joint win, each having 4 entries; Teddy, Luna & Bella
20 Sep

And the Dog Show winners are…

We’re delighted to confirm the following results from the classes:

Class 1 – Best Condition Veteran
1st – Ben / Jules Gilroy
2nd – Millie / Melanie
3rd – Grace / Katie Askew
4th – Penny / Jackie

Class 2 – Best Condition Adult
1st – Thor / Ian Billett
2nd – Mini / Christine Lowdon
3rd – Roxy / Sarah Parkinson
4th – Kage / Paul Walker

Class 3 – Best Condition Youngster
1st – Ada / Tia Harper
2nd – Charm / Kym
3rd – Coco / Kelly Leadbetter
4th – Freddie / Sarah Coburn

Class 4 – Best Six Legs
1st – Jessy Bear / Mandy Bennett
2nd – Tess / J Carver
3rd – Storm / Vicky
4th – Arnie / Charlotte Telfer

Class 5 – Best UK Rescue
1st – Jess / Pamela Coombs
2nd – Harvey / Sarah Black
3rd – Chanter / Jackie
4th – Lexi the Looker / J Lee

Class 6 – Best International Rescue
1st – Shadow / Georgia Elliott​
2nd – Junior / Lynn Davis
3rd – Silvi / Sue Nuttall​
4th – Zeus / Lesley Wedderburn

Class 7 – Best Trick
1st – Ruby / N Riches
2nd Louis / Su
3rd – Zara / Emma Hindson​
4th – Nami / Carolyn Louise Hall​

Class 8 – Best Child Handler
1st – Achilles / Lilly
2nd – Skye / Stanley
3rd – Holly / Beth
4th – Bella / Olivia

Class 9 – Prettiest Bitch
1st – Sakora / Masami Aimers​
2nd – Veronica / Charlotte
3rd – Luna / Sophie Johnston​
4th – Minnie / Paul

Class 10 – Most Handsome Dog
1st – Gus / Trevor Minto
2nd – Teddy / Chris Saunders
3rd – Teddy / Caitlin McCauly
4th – Elmo / Carol Conaty

Class 11 – The Waggiest Tail
1st – Penny / Patricia Bickerton
2nd – Luna / Susanne Kupke​
3rd – Monty / Lisa Donelly
4th – Molly / Natalie Evans

Class 12 – Best Fancy Dress
1st – Lily & Luna / Chloe & Leah
2nd – Bella / Olivia
3rd – Bobby / Ingrid
4th – Milly & Tilly / J Carver

Class 13 -Dog Judge would most like to take home
1st – Ben / Jules Gilroy
2nd – Jess / Pamela Coombs
3rd – Thor / Ian Billett
4th – Gus / Trevor Minto

Congratulations to each and every one of you

31 Aug

Fun Dog Show on its way!

RaffleOverwhelmed with the support received for this new fund raising initiative, founder Sue Nuttall says, “We’ve received a lovely selection of goodies for our raffle and tombola stall. Huge thanks to those that have helped so far and especially to Lisa Mclean who is doing a sterling job in coordinating a collection from her friends.”

If you’d like to donate to our raffle, tombola or doggy lucky dip do please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.