29 May

Leishmaniasis Kills – Help Save A Life

What is Canine Leishmaniasis?

Canine leishmaniasis (LEESH-ma-NIGH-ah-sis) is a zoonotic disease caused by Leishmania parasites transmitted by the bite of an infected phlebotomine sandfly.

Canine leishmaniasis was first identified in Europe in 1903, and in 1940. Thought of as a disease only found near the Mediterranean basin, 2008 research claims new findings are evidence that canine leishmaniasis is currently expanding in continental climate areas of northwestern Italy, far from the recognized disease-endemic areas along the Mediterranean coasts.

Especially relelvant to Take Away The Tears is the fact that leishmaniasis is prevalent in Cyprus.  Eppey Gunn describes her experience:


Eppey’s dog Amelia was found with Leishmaniasis

“Leishmaniasis is the result of sandfly bite on a dog, not the type you can get in the UK.

The so simple solution is to use a collar such as Scalibor or Seresto, but many out here do not bother to protect their dogs, especially their hunting dogs.

Many rescue groups end up with those sick dogs, flung out as they are sick and to some they are ‘just dogs’!

Currently I have 2 such furbabies; one is a failed foster, Princess Amelia, who came to me last August – she is family now. The other is a hunting dog who turned up at my gate so sick and starved.

Both have had treatment and both doing very well….but all for the sake of a collar!! This is how Amelia was found…I am posting this to raise awareness…so many dog rescues out here just can’t afford to provide collars as they have to raise money for food, vet bills, medications, shelter etc etc.”